CEC in Numbers – 4,158,000,000

A long shot of the chairs and table

March 25, 2021 Dear colleagues,  Today marks 200 years since Greek independence from Ottoman rule. The Greek revolution (1821-1830) followed 400 years of hardship, taxation, intellectual drain, family separations, and societal divide. As we pave the way for building communities in which everyone can thrive, what can we learn from the Greeks’ fight for freedom?…

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CEC in Numbers – 2,800

Culturally Enriched Communities

March 3, 2021 Dear colleagues,Through the end of 2020, Stop AAPI Hate counted over 2,800 firsthand reports of anti-Asian hate crimes across 47 states and DC since the pandemic took a global hold. These included physical assaults, verbal harassment, and being purposely coughed or spat on and were directed toward children, adults, and elders. “We need to talk about…

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