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Dear colleagues,  

Underneath this ground covering lies what I imagine to be an exquisite mosaic of the three Horae, daughters of Zeus and Themis, and sisters of the three Fates, patron Goddesses of time and the seasons. Waiting patiently to be restored since its glory in the 3rd century AD, this hidden mosaic in Paphos, Cyprus, entices us to pause and reflect on what we want our time (and fate) in 2021 and beyond to mean.  

As cultural enrichers, re-envisioning time in a post-pandemic/post-protests world can mean:

  • Learning about inequities and disparities in our communities and globally.
  • Advocating for social justice through design justice on personal and collective levels.
  • Forging stronger and more supportive relationships with others who share our values and commitment.
  • Exposing ourselves to new experiences, from a food we did not dare try or new ideas, languages, religions, and ways of being in the world.
  • Being intentional in communicating we care.
  • Embracing Consider Culture – instead of judging, uncovering factors that impact lived experiences and are tied to systemic exclusion.

The end result of these introspections promise to be as striking and enlightening as the restored Paphos mosaics.

Tasoulla Hadjiyanni, Editor
[email protected]

A Painting Of Men Holding A Stick In Hand
A Painting Of Men Holding A Stick In Hand
A Little Bird Trying To Eat Food
Cruel Animals Chasing For Food

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