Testimonials from MSR Design workshops

Culturally Enriched Communities
  • Tasoulla facilitated two terrific workshops with our firm that generated productive discussions. In sharing stories from the process of researching and writing The Right to Home, Tasoulla shined light on the baked-in assumptions upon which the design community bases design decisions. The time we spent with Tasoulla was highly valuable and will have positive ripple effects in our practice.
  • Tasoulla’s advice on equity, especially on racial equity, are practical ones to our practice. I feel that her advice is genuine not from simple empathy but from her real-world experience by engaging with the underrepresented people, including herself as an immigrant.
  • Tasoulla’s research, dedicated to the study of how communities and their built environments can limit or support specific cultural needs of different communities is essential information for designers of all types. The conversations she led with our office has everyone seeing common situations and outcomes in a different light. Her ability to bring you along on a mental journey through real-life scenarios gets you out of yourself and your life and asks us all to think creatively about the ways in which we can participate in positive impact within our own diverse communities. Whether reading or hearing her speak about her work, you’ll repeatedly come back to that information asking yourself… ‘what’s really happening here’?
  • Tasoulla’s research focused on Culturally Enriched Communities helps frame a positive outlook on the ways we can all think about how to best develop our communities. Through the CEC website, the compilation of these principles is provided in a way that defines it’s meaning, explains why they are important, and best of all provides ideas about the ways you, as a single person, can participate in making our community’s better for all.
  • At the request of MSR’s EDI Committee, Tasoulla was kind enough to donate her time and organize a structured conversation around the role of designers in created equitable spaces. Her presentation, and subsequent follow-up, encouraged our entire staff to both understand and imagine the impact our decisions can make in the day-to-day lives of the communities we serve. MSR, and our committee, greatly benefitted from the research and continuing efforts of the Culturally Enriched Communities.
  • Tasoulla, in conjunction with our EDI team, tailor her research and expertise into a deep discussion on local housing issues, inequities in our communities, and helped in collaboration with our staff identifying opportunities architects and interior designers have to advocate for those that don’t always have the opportunity to let their story be told in the built environment.”
Culturally Enriched Communities