We are researchers who can uncover data and interdisciplinary thinking to inform your project’s equity goals.

Research methods

  • Interviews and focused groups
  • Community-engaged research
  • Mapping
  • Case studies
  • Interdisciplinary literature reviews
  • Experiments
Culturally Enriched Communities


Interviews that include diverse perspectives, navigate perceptions and assumptions, and avoid stereotyping can overcome biases.

Culturally Enriched Communities

Focused Groups

Focused groups can shine a light on the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of community members and help identify design interventions.

Culturally Enriched Communities

Community Engagement

Community engaged research provides a platform for community voices to lead the development of design solutions.

Culturally Enriched Communities


Mapping along with storytelling can be used as tools for understanding where and in what form resources need to be allocated to bring change.

Culturally Enriched Communities

Case Studies

The study of precedents along with an in-depth interdisciplinary literature review can inform the development of detailed programmatic guidelines.

Culturally Enriched Communities


Comparing the experiences of groups in a controlled setting can be springboards for more targeted design interventions.