We are educators who develop curricula, review and evaluate pedagogies, identify resources, and craft visions that position your institution’s relevance to social and racial justice.

  • Workshops with faculty and students
  • Curriculum development
  • Pedagogical reviews
Culturally Enriched Communities

Decolonizing the curriculum

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives undertaken on the side are not enough to transform students into global citizens. Decolonizing compels all of us to take a stand as it calls for identifying systems of exclusion as well as working to change them.

Culturally Enriched Communities

Concept Development

Concepts can be the medium through which students can unravel the myth of “culture” and expose its dynamic and changing nature, the tensions and contradictions involved, as well as the multiple ways of belonging.

Culturally Enriched Communities

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling provides an alternative way of knowing and engaging communities that gives students the opportunity to help make visible everyday architectures and claiming processes that are often rendered invisible through socio-political processes.