micro-steps coaching

Creating communities where everyone can thrive is a journey. Embrace the journey, the places where it will take you, the people you will meet, the conversations in which you will engage, the obstacles you will face, the questions you will encounter. Dare and care to CAST, taking one step at a time - Consider, Act, Seek, and Transform. Start with a personal introspection before broadening your reach to your organization and industry.


Our logo invites you to take a seat at the table and commit to “CONSIDER CULTURE,” that is embark on a personal introspection and engage with opinions and experiences that might be different from yours:

  • Consider one micro-step a day—expose yourself to ways of meaning-making you know little about, talk to someone you normally do not talk to, go to areas of the city you have never been to.

  • Consider your perceptions and assumptions. Ask: Where are these assumptions stemming from? How would I feel if someone treated me according to stereotypes? Whose needs are met and who might be left out?

  • Consider the vocabulary you are using and its implications—could it be unintentionally excluding someone or denigrating someone’s experience?

Culturally Enriched Communities
Culturally Enriched Communities

Dare and care to ACT even if it means being uncomfortable and taking a risk by arming yourself with data-driven and research-backed information:

  • Act using the current and projected demographics for your area.

  • Act using the health, income, educational, segregation, and home-ownership disparities in your area and beyond. What are they, where are they most prominent, who is impacted and why?

  • Act using design-related interventions that increase home-ownership, improve safety, reinforce health and well-being, solidify education, strengthen productivity, and foster connectedness.


Cultural Enrichers can be colleagues, policy makers, arts organizations, cultural institutions, business owners, educators, neighbors, community members, and other advocates.

  • Seek others who share the same vision and join forces.
  • Seek ways to sustain these partnerships—from creating spaces where all feel valued to instilling a culture of innovation and risk-taking.
  • Seek community wisdom and knowledge so you can be proactive way before projects are proposed and evaluated.
Micro Steps Coaching - Seek
Culturally Enriched Communities

It takes a multi-faceted approach to create communities where everyone can thrive:

  • Transform research and the questions you are asking.

  • Transform pedagogies to prepare the next generation of Cultural Enrichers.

  • Transform spatial layouts, size, materials, furniture, colors, lighting, and other building characteristics.

  • Transform policies and regulations at local, state, national, and global levels.